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Welcome to Get sp’Oiled

Let me ask you something? How is your overall Wellness?
Did you know that:
“Wellness can be characterized by not merely the absence of disease, but by feeling good and enjoying one’s Life”.
We only have a life and we need to live it to the fullest! Sometimes we tend to focus too much on material things, we stress a lot , work too much and emotionally we are a wreck! And then what happens? We forget about ourselves and our body shuts down, we feel nervous and tense all the  time, we yell at our kids or partner, we feel that nothing is worth it and our sleep goes down the hill and hello sleepless nights!

Yes, we have all been there, me included, and unfortunately most of us do not realize it. Once you do,  You may only need to take few little steps at the time and learn how to support yourself.

A good diet and exercise will definitely help but what changed my outset overall? What happened to that sleepless nights or body shutting down? How have I improved my overall wellness and being in the past years?I found a true and consistent support…

♥ dōTERRA Essential Oils ♥

I improved my digestive system, my sleep is so much better and I have learned how to support my respiratory system in a way I did not know before. I know that I can reach to my oils when I feel emotionally drained or stressed, if my muscles are aching or simply if I need to be more focused or concentrated in what I do. My house smells beautiful and I am finally getting rid of all the toxins and chemicals that are founds in lots of products and be finally free from it.

I am calmer, more positive and with a better attitude because I am improving my life on a 360°. DariaWebsite-3Of course I still raise my voice at my kids here and there, come on, I am Italian (it would be like asking an Aussie to give up Vegemite!), but when they really touch my nerves instead of going mad I know what to reach out , I go to my oils box and I open this little, powerful and magical essence and breathe my self into it….Aaaahhhhh.

“Plant remedies, known as essential oils, have been used throughout the world for millennia and are one of nature’s most powerful support available to help your body heal itself ”
(cit.The Essential Life book)
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I would love everyone to experience the magical power of these Essential Oils, so if you never had the pleasure of trying them, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to get in contact you, send you some samples and give you a FREE wellness consultation to help you getting started in this love affair.

Contact me for a 30 minutes FREE consultation. I would love to talk to you.