How to perform at your best ?


During a sport competition our nerves and body play a very big part…I had my first one yesterday in a discipline that I have always loved but only played when I was a kid…then suddenly 30 years later I have decided to give it a go again…and there I was…In the middle of my first competition!!!
Holy moly….How did I put my self into this???
The skating rink was full of beautiful girls all dressed up in their best outfit full of glitters and hope… The youngest one must have been 6 years old and I was one of the eldest… The atmosphere was beautiful and just the fact that I could dress up, have a beautiful hair style and make up made my day… Not forgetting that I have been up since 4am !!!

I have spent the day watching athletes performing and giving their best and testimony some nerves wrecking moments as well. I wasn’t effected by anything and I was repeting to my self that I was old enough to cope with the stressed of being judged and to perform in front of lots of people.t

But then hey called my name and all of a sudden my legs were shaking and I had no idea what I was supposed to do…Oh that’s nice, jelly leg and a blind mind.  Even though my beautiful coach Greg has been with me the all time but my brain was completely gone!!!

Then I remembered… I needed my oils!!!!
So… I had previously applied In Tune for focus and concentration but I needed something else… to calm… to balance my self and my nerves… so it was time for Balance!!! And there I was… being judged for the first time, giving my best shot,feeling good and happy!!!

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