My Journey

One day Giorgia, my then 4 yrs old daughter, came over crying as her knees were very itchy. It looked like ants or other bugs bite and they were quite swollen. Of course it was on a Friday night after 7pm and all the doctors were now closed and I did not have anything to apply

Untitled design(14)on her skin either. I just washed them with water and as soon as the itchy feeling was gone she fell asleep and woke up the next morning like nothing happened. Her glands were fine and she had no temperature and the knees where back to normal. The same thing happened at night  around 6:30pm, she started feeling itchy again but this time it wasn’t just the knees but both legs were covered of hives. The advise I got from the 24hrs doctor on call was to give her antihistamine but I did not like the idea of her being so young taking something that would not go to the origin of the problem but would only stop the itchiness. We managed to apply a natural cream that helped her a bit to fall asleep again. The next day, same story, she woke up happy as always and no signs of the hives until 6pm at night where she ended up with hives all over the body. What is going on!

My beautiful friend Dani offered to give me some essential oils to apply on her body to ease the hive and itchy feeling. I have used essential oils all my life as I like the smell of it but I had no idea that they could actually help your body to heal. Anyway the next day we started to apply a mix of lavender and frankincense,mixed with fractionated coconut oil. The result was amazing, we applied it every few hours during the day on the whole body, legs, arms, face and by night time she only had a very mild redness around her right cheek and that was it. I was amazed, I literally could not believe what I just experienced. Giorgia was happy and playing with the oils and loved to have them on her tiny body.

Lavender is an amazing essential oils to use on the skin especially for skin rashes and is a natural antihistamine, while Frankincense , being the King of Oils, is an enhancer and equalizer. The next day she went back to preschool and after warning her teacher about what happened I also give her a little mix to keep in case she would have a reaction during the day. They called me mid morning advising me that her right cheek was really red and swallowed so I told them to apply the mix and keep me posted. when I went to pick her up at 3pm the teacher came over super enthusiastic. She explained that after applying the mix on Giorgia’s cheek they kept monitoring her and they could see that within 20 minutes everything was back to normal! WOW!!! I was hooked, I must have had these oils, I had to learn more about it… so I did.

“I enrolled buying my first oils with the THE HOME ESSENTIAL KIT and I never looked back “

home essThe potency and the purity of this oils is something I have never experienced in my life. They don’t only smell good but they are actually an amazing support for your body and general health. We are now using the dōTERRA essential oils for everything we can think of and my kids and ourselves are never been healthier.

dōTERRA did not only give me the opportunity to become my own healer, but it set me on a path of discovery, connection and freedom , all of this only being part of a beautiful network of like minded people.
The education I have received is priceless and for the one really interested there is a Huge business opportunity involved as well. The integrity and vision of this company are unique and totally resonate with my beliefs and vision.

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My Journey



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