My story



This one is one of my favorite photo ever. Every time I look at this photo it brings me back home. In 2015 we decided to exchange our vows for the second time in Italy, and this one is the only photo I have with the 4 of us ♥

This picture says everything, you can nearly smell the flowers and being transported in the landscape and feeling part of it. You can sense the joy, the passion, the family and community, the laughter and the tears rolling down.

It is INTENSE, it’s like nothing else matter, you just want to CONNECT, TOUCH, HUG and LOVE.

Well…this is ME…I am passionate, determined, lovable and stubborn. I love a Big Fat  laugh and my husband even more, my kids are happy and very active and in my household you can rarely find a moment of quiet… And as much I still believe that kids should come with an instruction book and a pair of ear plugs, I JUST LOVE IT!

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Since I moved to Australia in 2003, I have been attracted to all the natural therapies I came across. I was intrigued by the potency and the power of natural medicine and how our mind and body can react differently just with a thought or a touch. Living in Byron Bay made this very easy for me as there are so many different options in this beautiful area.

After getting myself an AWESOME VW Kombi (Mr.Beautiful ) and immersing my self in the culture of surf and beaches I realized that there was much more than this. I loved the way how people were dealing with health concerns, everyday life, positivity and good karma. I instantly knew that this would become my home eventually and I have never looked back.

I did my level I & II in Thai Massage in 2008. I loved helping people, allowing them to ease the stress on their body and restoring their energies while providing a huge sense of calmness.
I then combined Reiki level 1 into my practice to allow them to be balanced on all aspects. I just recently completed level II.


My daughter arrived in 2012 and being a mum was a totally new experience to me, having to rely 24/7 on a little baby wasn’t resonating too much with the fact that I always been very independent in my life. We don’t only share the same birthday, we share the same Chinese sign, so being an Aquarian- Dragon is never been easy, having your daughter being exactly the same as you… Well, that’s another story! She has thought me a lot, since day one, roaring like a Lioness , so determined but yet so sweet,  which allowed me to soften up and curled into motherhood with love and resignation.

A little more than a year later my boy entered this world with his calmness and cheekiness combined. It was the perfect combo, but I ended up in post natal depression taking care of two little ones on my own, with no family around and hubby working on our business 24/7. I wish I had my oils back then!


I discovered Kinesiology which finally put me back on track and because I was falling in love with this amazing and gentle practice I  decided to study it, learn it & own it.
So I obtained my Kinesiology Cert.IV in 2016.

But there was still something missing, something that should have filled the picture more and I just had no idea of what it was.

One day a friend introduced my to dōTERRA Essential Oils, I had previously heard about them but never really tried them.
The rest is history, I have been using the oils since and I will never look back.
I will always thank my friend for introducing me to these magic bottles. ” Grazie Dani ! “

dōTERRA didn’t only allow me to be a better person, it allowed me to empower myself and my family and to come across beautiful like minded people and be part of an amazing community. It allowed me to create my financial FREEDOM and to teach  my family and my team how to be a HEALER in their own home.

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So…  How about you???
Are you ready to let me take you into our journey of Passion, Love & Essential oils ?



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