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– 15ml bottles of: Oregano,Tea Tree,Lemon,Frankincense,On Guard,Lavender,Peppermint,DigestZen,Easy Air
-5ml bottle of Ice Blue

This is the kit that I enrolled with, I loved it, I now own it and I could not live without it.
It comes with a Petal Diffuser which is amazing to diffuse essential oils in the air and it covers big area. You will receive 10 of the most used oils, the ones that every household should have. With this you can start your journey with the dōTERRA immediately without feeling too overwhelmed but still empower your self to start a new and a better life style.

The oils  included will support your life in many ways, starting from a drop of LEMON in the morning to start your day, to some LAVENDER rubbed on the bottom of the feet just before bedtime. ON GUARD is our protective blend, an amazing support to your immune system while ICE BLUE is the oil you want to use when your muscles are overworked and need some TLC. OREGANO is amazing for cooking as well a very powerful antibiotic and PEPPERMINT is a great energizer and has cooling effect.If kids suffer from tummy ache or you have problem digesting that spicy food that your hubby/wife cooked then you want to try DIGEST ZEN, our digestive blend by applying one drop mixed with coconut oils and massage it on the tummy, for the little one, or by putting one drop in a glass of water and sip it or drink it after meal to support your digestive tract. TEA TREE is an amazing antiseptic and FRANKINCENSE is called the King of Oil for his versatile properties.If in doubt use Frankincense! And if you have a cold and can’t breathe properly then EASY AIR is what you need.

You can easily replace your medicine cabinet right away. You can add some Fractionated Coconut oil and you are ready to go.
If you want to chat more about this oil please message me as I will love to assist you.

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This kit includes all the oils from the Home Essential kit plus much more. There are some beautiful oils specifically made for your mood and emotional support that you can use everyday by applying them over the wrist points or on your heart. Clary calm can be used as hormonal support and Correct X always handy in your hand bag in case you experience any discomfort on the skin. You can start right away on getting your house toxin free and it comes with the Fractionated Coconut Oil and a super cute wooden box to put all your oils. Purchasing this kit  will includes the membership and  you will be entitled of 25% discount and start getting 40%  off by placing a order of 100pv the following month.

New Wellness Advocates who enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit (400 PV) and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive 100 loyalty points and start loyalty point accrual at 15 percent.



This kit is everything you need to allow your emotions to settle and unfold. With 6 blends specifically created to uplift your mood and calm those nerves, the Emotional Kit will become your best friend. It comes with 6 x 5m bottles and a petal diffuser.
The kit includes :
FORGIVE( Renewing blend) amazing in case of shock, trauma, grief;
CONSOLE(comforting blend) is like a warm hug that says everything is going to be ok; PEACE(Reassuring Blend) letting go of anger and stress ;
CHEER (Uplifting blend) for those who lack on cheerfulness ;
MOTIVATE (Encouraging blend) brings back motivation and encouragement ;
PASSION ( Inspiring blend) to rediscover one’s inner passion .

I would highly recommend to add a bottle of Fractionated Coconut oil as well so you can apply the oils over your skin, heart area and wrist for a more beneficial support.

Enroll with a Emotional Aromatherapy Kit Today



This is the perfect kit if you want to implement the oils in your business or if you want to start a business with dōTERRA . You have everything you need to start sharing the oils plus you will receive 200 product points right away which is worth more than $200. You will start your percentage reward at 20% so you can save 45% already on products.
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