What are essential oils?

If you ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, walking in a lavender field or simply peeling off a mandarin skin you have definitely experienced the aromatic properties of essential oils.

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Essential oils come from the flowers, fruits, steams, roots of the plants. They are extracted in a way to maintain the natural properties and therapies intact. Every plant has a self defense mechanism which is made of aromatic compounds that serve to protect the plant against pests and insects but also to heal & repair from physical injuries. Like  our  body is protected by the Immune system , an Orange is protected by the rind.

dōTERRA has partnered with independent hospitals and laboratories to make sure that this process will leave intact all of the natural properties extracted avoiding the essential oil to be contaminated by any external. Here you can find a lot of information about the scientific side of dōTERRA.




Steam distillation

The process of steam distillation uses heated steam (as well as pressure) to extract essential oils from their plant parts. Because this method produces clean, pure essential oils, it is the most commonly used process for producing essential oils.


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Steam Distillation

(1) Water is heated creating steam. (2) The steam passes through the plant material pulling out the oil. (3) The oil rises with the steam. (4) The steam is cooled in a condenser. (5) The oil rises to the top of the water and is extracted. (6) The floral water is collected for use in home and beauty products.

Expression ( Cold pressed )

Expression doesn’t use heat when extracting the oil. Usually this system is used to press the rinds to extract the essential oil of citrus fruits, like Lemon, Mandarine, Orange, Bergamot or Grapefruit.

The Essential oil’s sacks are open when the rind of the fruit passes across grated cylinders that grind the peel’s surface.Once the sacs are open the fruit get sprayed with water to collect the essential oil released and then processed through a filtering system to eliminate any excess of peel pieces and to separate water from the oil.


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