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I would love everyone to experience the magical power of these Essential Oils, so if you never had the pleasure of trying them, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to get in contact you, send you some samples and give you a FREE wellness consultation to help you getting started in this love affair.

Contact me for a 30 minutes FREE consultation. I would love to talk to you.


Opening a dōTERRA  account is actually the best investment that you will ever do in your life….WHY?

  • Taking care of your health using natural solutions that are safer, cheaper, and more effective
  • Replacing your medicine cabinet for a better life style
  • Getting your oils at 25% off retail price and overtime up to 55%
  • Earning points for every order you made
  • Get shipping points back every time you buy
  • Get your oils for free , supplement, replace or multiply your income if you choose to
  • Use oils to live in a toxin free environment
  • Constant support through Facebook pages, private groups and online meetings
  • FREE 30min Wellness consult after you join 
  • There is no obligation of futures orders, no minimum buy, no lock in contract
  • & more …

What is the best way to open a dōTERRA  account ?

        Get your Wholesale Membership for $35
        What will I get with $35 ?

  • Access to all the products that dōTERRA has to offer at a massive discount of 25% on retail price and up to 55% overtime
  • A year long membership that can be renewed for $25 as well as  receiving a FREE bottle of Peppermint
  • The FREEDOM of choosing the oils or products that really resonate with you

    Enroll with a Kit     
    Getting started by buying a KIT is usually the most convenient way. The membership is already included and you will save more than  25% as the products are further discounted and you have everything you need to start your oils adventure right away. There are different kits available and you will probably find the one that suits more your needs.
    Here are the most popular choices :


– 15ml bottles of: Oregano,Tea Tree,Lemon,Frankincense,On Guard,Lavender,Peppermint,DigestZen,Easy Air
-5ml bottle of Ice Blue

Enroll with a Home Essential Kit today


Enroll with a Nature’s Solutions Kit Today


Enroll with a Emotional Aromatherapy Kit Today



If you want to have a look at more kits please click HERE.


Here is a quick video I made that explains hot to enroll using the link provided


Still not sure what you need? Ask me and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.



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