The Seven oils …

The Seven oils …

How many of us grew up with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

I think pretty much all of us, more or less.
Who knows what it would have been like if the 7 dwarfs had used doTERRA oils?

Let’s be creative and try to find it out together …

Poor SLEEPY, did nothing but fall asleep here and there, so here we go, an all-natural remedy, a big sniff  of Peppermint and …he is awake… ready to face the day, with its invigorating and energizing properties is just what he needs.

And then comes HAPPY, always super joyful and peaceful, I’m sure that every morning he applies Balance under the soles of the feet to start the day grounded .

DOC, so wise …a little like On Guard, the oil that suits him best. He gets rid of any sickness in no time.

Ah DOPEY , that mischievous little boy, maybe with a little Vetiver under your feet you could calm down a little bit … what do you reckon?

If, like BASHFUL, you always blush and  not sure of yourself, just apply a little Bergamot on the solar plexus or simply inhale it from the bottle to feel invincible.

Beware of sneezing and a blocked nose! I really know that SNEEZY really needs Easy Air.

And how can we not love him, always grouchy and annoyed. We are all a bit GRUMPY even if we do not realize it, and Wild Orange is the perfect oil to give us the joy and the happiness of a child.