The oil of Peace®-How to reassure your senses

The oil of  Peace®-How to reassure your senses

We all need PEACE in life, some more than others and many times we don’t know where to start.
Have you ever woken up with the anguish feeling of a new job about to start or an exam that is about to come?
That feeling that doesn’t let you  control your emotions as you would like and instead make you explode and lose control for no reason?
How about when your children,from the moment are back from school,have turned into a mysterious creature and for no reason start screaming, having tantrums and who knows’ what else?

This is why we all need doTERRA PEACE!

Since I had two children I realized that my emotions sometimes bounce like a ping pong ball, up and down without any balance. I go from moments of pure ecstasy and happiness to others of total sadness and anxiety.
Not to mention the hormones! Help!

As a mother I realized that not only adults have these moments but kids as well.  Fighting with her little brother or  sister, the daily activities, that moment of sudden exhaustion that makes him lose the plot …school….

Peace is an oil that we use constantly in the family. My daughter Giorgia loves it, she always has a bottle with her and she is constantly talking about it. In two words, she describes it as  “The oil that makes you feel happy when you are feeling upset”.

This mixture has been formulated for this. Peace is a mix of a different range of  soothing and comforting oils that in case of need ,are ready to reassure you and give you the security you need.

Let’s see what oils are in the blend:

VETIVER: has calming and balancing properties and is often used to help calming the nerves. It can also support with anxiety, stress, worry and promote restorative sleep

LAVENDER: is well known for its soothing and calming properties. It helps to promote health, love, peace and a general sense of well-being

YLANG YLANG: has anti-depressive and sedative properties. It is often used to  calm and relax

FRANKINCENSE: it is often used to promote that feeling of balance that we all seek, to support with concentration and meditation and to facilitate impatience and restlessness

CLARY SAGE: has sedative and calming properties and is often used for hormonal balance

MARJORAM: it is often used to help recover physical stress and helps promote peace and rest

LABDANUM: it was one of the first aromatic substances used in antiquity. It stimulates the senses and is often used to elevate mood and soothe the nerves

SPEARMINT: it is often used to overcome emotional blockages and to create a feeling of balance. Good support in case of depression because it relieves physical and mental tiredness, relieving the spirit.


How to use PEACE?

  • Applied on the heart or simply inhaled from the diffuser or the palms of the hands creates an immediate sense of well-being and tranquility.
  • Ideal for a reassuring sleep 1-2 drops in the diffuser  or under the soles of the feet
  • You can apply it under the sole of the feet diluted with fractionated coconut oil during child birth
  • Applied behind the neck and on the forehead when you are restless or confused
  • You can put a few drops in a hot bath or mix it in bath salts
  • If nervous before a big event or presentation apply Peace on the wrists, behind the neck and on the forearm, especially in the inner fold of the elbow