Why dōTERRA?

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Potency , Purity & Love

Essential oils have been known as beneficial for the body, whether you apply them topically, use them for flavoring or inhale them aromatically. You will want to make sure that you are choosing Essential Oils for the potency and purity.
dōTERRA makes sure to deliver exactly this to your door step.

When it comes to purity we all know that the purest the essential oil the more powerful is.  dōTERRA  works closely with a team of professionals so each dōTERRA essential oil is  carefully and thoroughly tested to make sure the quality and the purity of the oil remains intact.

To maintain the potency, dōTERRA makes sure to source all the plants where they are native and thrive at their best so is networking with farmers all over the world that intimately know how to grow the plants in their native environment. Here comes the LOVE that only these farmers can give as they have been harvesting the same plants for generations, allowing us to benefit from the best source in the world.

This process is called Co-Impact Sourcing:


Essential oils are sourced everywhere in the world and this is done so we can help and support as many countries and communities as we can. Australia is the main source of Melaleuca ( Tea-Tree ) and Eucalyptus and  we all know that this is the best soil and conditions to grow this plants and trees. Imagine how would the essential oil be, if extracted from a Eucalyptus tree planted in another country with different soil, weather conditions ans adversity? It would not probably have the same property, potency and purity.

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Here you can see some video of the dōTERRA oils sources :


PEPPERMINT – Washington , USA

ARBOVITAE – Canada, Northwestern US

COPAIBA – Brazil

DOUGLAS FIR – New Zealand


TE TREE – Australia

JASMINE – Southern India



YLANG YLANG – Madagascar

PETIGRAIN – Paraguay



CARDAMOM – Guatemala



LAVENDER – Bulgaria

When it comes to charity I bet that deep inside everyone of us wish they could have helped more, offer more or donate more. With dōTERRA I found that my integrity for this cause remains intact.

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Healing Hands Foundation is a not-for-profit charity organization created by dōTERRA to help those in needs and thanks to the beautiful relationship matured through the Co-Impact Sourcing they created humanitarian projects that benefit the hard-working community members in these areas.

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