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If you are READY  for a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life this is the place for you.

I am looking for AMAZING people to join my team who are passionate about wellness and are ready  for a new lifestyle. If you are committed to learn about essential oils and have the desired to make an impact in people’s life then this is the right place for you.

I would love to have you in my team and share with you everything I know and guide you in this new adventure…

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I have been a fan of Michael Jackson all my life but lately my kids can’t get enough of him singing and the CD is playing on a loop 24/7 in my car. This one song , “Man in the mirror”, is the one that every time I hear it, makes me think: “How good would it be if each of us would change our mind set and start thinking more about the future, about ways to prevent and protect ourselves without  harming anything or anybody. Starting caring of mother earth the way she is caring for Us and giving all our love back to earth”.

This is what dōTERRA is for me, is my way to help people in need through
Healing Hands and Co-Impact sourcing , knowing that every time I purchase just a single oil it will help someone less lucky. It is my way of doing charity and knowing that every money I invest there, it will go right at the front and not used by third party.

I am honored to be part of this, that with my passion I can help people crossing my path to approach a better lifestyle and to learn about these magic bottles that bring joys in everyone’s life.

I am a PASSIONATE and DETERMINED WOMAN , who found a real passion in sharing the love for dōTERRA Essential oils and yes the journey is not easy but I decided to give this a go and to DARE !
I found my dream job where I can travel, connect to people and support the ones in needs, and this is a magical opportunity for everyone and I just LOVE what I am doing, with the ups and downs…

dōTERRA didn’t only give me a “job”. This company taught me a lot, how to be compassionate, how to listen to people, to never give up and to support people in need. I built a beautiful community around me where the support we give each other is priceless and endless.

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